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     Do you want to learn more about the Paso Fino horse?

     Do you want to know about their gait, their personalities, their training?

     Do you want to know what questions to ask a Seller before you buy a Paso Fino?

     Do you want to understand what makes the Paso Fino such a special breed of horse? 

     Have you just bought one, and are asking yourself... "Now What?!?"

     What about tack?  nutrition? your seat? collection? flexibility? and all the other things that go hand in hand when owning a Paso?










     If you are researching the Paso Fino breed of horses, you have probably found out by now that  printed information about this breed is rather limited and difficult to find, especially if you don't read Spanish. 

     Don't despair, help is right around the corner on the next few pages!     Having run into the same problems when I researched Paso Finos so many years ago, I decided to put pen to paper and write the best "How to" books that I could.  

     The resulting books, The Paso Fino Handbook I and II, listed for sale  on this site, are for your enjoyment, your entertainment, and mostly for your information about the Paso Fino horse, generally and specifically.  

     In easy to read English, you will find detailed step by step instructions on "how to..."

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Welcome, and enjoy the Paso Fino!

Jennie Williams